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Please remember not to place trash, plastic bags, or material other than recyclables into your recycling containers.

Lower Your Impact

TransTrash is proud to provide recycling services.  This enables us to keep multiple tons of recyclables out of our landfills every year.
  • Cardboard is the number one recycled material. We have trucks dedicated to daily cardboard pick up routes, and we accept cardboard at our facility from the public.
  • Sorted office paper is an easily recyclable material when not contaminated with wet organic material. TransTrash also runs weekly routes for sorted office paper, and we accept it at our facility from the public.
  • Newspaper, when not contaminated, is another recyclable product that we accept at our facility from the public.
  • Single stream recycling allows both residential and commercial recyclers to place all recyclables into one bin, regardless of material type. This makes recycling easier for the consumer and increases participation throughout the community.

Acceptable Items for Recycling


Brown grocery bags
Beer & Soda cases
Cake & Snack boxes
Cardboard (non-waxed)
Cereal boxes
Office/School Paper (all colors)
Junk Mail
Newspaper & Inserts
Telephone books and other soft cover books
Pizza delivery boxes
Broth boxes
Drink boxes
Juice cartons
Milk cartons


Berry containers
Juice containers
Milk jugs
Plastic containers with symbol #1 & #2
Plastic containers with symbol #3-#7
Narrow neck & screw top
Squeezable bottles with symbol #4
Water bottles
Yogurt tubs, butter tubs, etc.
Plastic toys
Glass Containers
Glass containers that contained food or beverage product
All colored glass (brown, green, and clear)

Metals and Glass

Aluminum cans
Empty aersol cans (non-toxic & no caps)
Metal household items (cooking pots & pans)
Steel food cans
Tin & other household metals

Unacceptable Items

Auto Glass
Christmas Lights
Coat Hangers
Compostable plastics (#7 PLA)
Drinking Glasses
Electronic waste (batteries, phones, etc.)
Extention Cords
Food waste/Organic Material
Garden hoses
Glass bakeware/cookware (Pyrex)
Hazardous chemical containers
Light bulbs
Medical waste
Microwave trays
Mirror glass
Motor Oil
Packing peanuts
Paper products with food residue
Plastic bags and film
Plastic tarps
Plastic food wraps
Waxed cardboard and paper
Window glass

Your trash is our treasure!

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