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Tire Collection

Get rid of your scrap auto, truck and off road tires with our collection services.
We can either send out a crew with a truck/trailer and hand load your tires or we can provide you with a trailer to load at your convenience.

We can also send our Grapple truck to remediate large/abandoned piles of tires to mitigate health and environmental risks that these spots pose to communities, prior fields, landfills, etc.  This is the fastest and easiest way to remove large piles of tires that aren't feasible to hand load.

Reclaim and Reuse

Through our collection services, we save tires from overloading landfills, poluting waterways and depleting air quality.

We grade the scrap tires we collect and resell only the highest quality ones back into the marketplace along with providing high quality casings to retread shops for commercial vehicles in order to keep costs down for consumers and trucking fleets.

For more information please visit our Saber Shred Solutions Inc. division.

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